Vote for Cea Serin for years best prog metal album!

Cea Serin has been nominated for best progressive metal album on a couple of sites so far.  Please take some time and visit these sites and vote for Cea Serin “The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay.”

Over at Headbangers Latino America all you have to do is write “Cea Serin” in page’s comment section:

Over at Prog Sphere you just click on the band’s name:

So take some time and help out Cea Serin getting some much needed recognition out there.  Vote for us in any “best prog metal album” category.

PROGSTRAVAGANZA: “Beyond Frontiers” and “The New Generation of Prog” Out Now – featuring Cea Serin

A while back we announced that Cea Serin would be a part of Prog-Sphere’s Progstravaganza CD sampler.  Well, the time has now come and you can now discover a whole bunch of new prog metal bands.

Prog Sphere’s first physical Progstravaganza edition titled “Beyond Frontiers” is out now!

It features 12 songs mastered by Frank Gingeleit at Living Tunes Mastering, a beautiful artwork by Chris van der Linden in a 6-page digipak, and is accompanied with a downloadable sampler “The New Generation of Prog.” The downloadable sampler includes artists performing on the upcoming edition of the Generation Prog Festival in Nürnberg. Haken and Inside Out Music were kind to provide us with a special edit of the song “Darkest Light,” which appears on the band’s upcoming EP “Restoration”, out on October 27th.

For more info on this, please visit:

Make sure to get Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers, and grab The New Generation of Prog. It’s on you now.