Cea Serin was formed in 1997 by J. Lamm as an exercise in the freedom of creative expression.  A world was created that was devoid of genre, with plenty of room for outside admirers to come into, and important enough for other outside influences to take seriously.  With only two members at the time that played all the instruments, handled all of the recording, marketing, and drive, Cea Serin has built a fan base world wide, selling loads of online-available CDs to fans from all around.
They have won over critics who normally said that music the likes of Cea Serin offer, could not be done gracefully. With a focus on song writing, lyrics, presentation, and a trademark mind-set, Cea Serin offers a blend of music that has come to be known as “mercurial metal.”

Along with receiving radio play despite the length of the songs, Cea Serin has appeared in radio commercials as well. The twelve minute long “Into The Vivid Cherishing” and eight minute “Holy Mother” have been featured on many on-line radio play lists, as well as AM/FM radio stations. Cea Serin was one of the first bands picked to be in the US search for the new Metal Blade recording artists on They have also stayed at the top of the “progressive” metal charts on now for over three years, leaving established and signed bands behind them in the rankings. They have also won songwriting contests and appeared on numerous CD compilations by magazines and independent distributors. They have headlined at the Prog Power pre-party (for unsigned bands) as well as other festivals and benefits. Aside from being an accomplished and published author/essayist, Cea Serin’s J. Lamm has also recorded several songs, intros, and themes for certain questionable “Entertainers;” and has just completed work for the music to a television show as well as commercials. J. Lamm has also finished the entire score for the feature film “Broken Promise;” two other films have also been lined up for J. Lamm to score. Keith Warman has made a name for himself as being a known up-and-coming studio engineer, rivaling popular producers and higher budgeted recording artists with superior production and sound. Rory Faciane has recorded and worked as a drum tech with the producer Dave Fortman on numerous projects, i.e. Mudvayne’s “Lost and Found,” the new Evanescence album, and performed on the new Charlotte Church CD. Rory also has two instructional home videos on drum technique.

Cea Serin released their debut album titled “..where memories combine…” via Heavencross Records in Europe and Nightmare Records in North America. It has been gaining critical acclaim for its unique approach on combining progressive metal with other genres such as death/black metal, new age, folk, and neo-classical meanderings.  Jay Lamm has also release a New Age/Instrumental album as a solo artist under the album name, “Form & Void:  A Digital Universe.”

In Cea Serin’s downtime the duo of Keith and Jay have toured for two years with the Cirque Dreams production of “Pop Goes The Rock” and “Cirque Dreams Rocks.”  Rory Faciane, now living in Nashville, works with several bands and is a sought after session drummer.

The band has finished up a new album containing newly recorded versions of two earlier songs, a Sarah McLachlan cover of “Ice,” and two epic new songs.  The album, “The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay,” spans over 40 minutes of music and history of the band.






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