The World Outside – working song titles and song lengths

As many of you may know, the new album is actively being worked on.  Rhythm guitars are currently being tracked and all is going well in the world.
Speaking of the world–and as stated in the liner notes of the previous album–the album title for the new Cea Serin will be The World Outside.  It’s an album title I’ve had in mind for quite some time and I’m eager to share it with everyone because I believe it’s the best thing material the band has to offer.  By that, I mean, this is going to be our Slaughter of the Soul or our Images and Words album.

So let’s talk about the song names and song lengths to get an inkling of what this batch will be about.

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Vote for Cea Serin for years best prog metal album!

Cea Serin has been nominated for best progressive metal album on a couple of sites so far.  Please take some time and visit these sites and vote for Cea Serin “The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay.”

Over at Headbangers Latino America all you have to do is write “Cea Serin” in page’s comment section:

Over at Prog Sphere you just click on the band’s name:

So take some time and help out Cea Serin getting some much needed recognition out there.  Vote for us in any “best prog metal album” category.

PROGSTRAVAGANZA: “Beyond Frontiers” and “The New Generation of Prog” Out Now – featuring Cea Serin

A while back we announced that Cea Serin would be a part of Prog-Sphere’s Progstravaganza CD sampler.  Well, the time has now come and you can now discover a whole bunch of new prog metal bands.

Prog Sphere’s first physical Progstravaganza edition titled “Beyond Frontiers” is out now!

It features 12 songs mastered by Frank Gingeleit at Living Tunes Mastering, a beautiful artwork by Chris van der Linden in a 6-page digipak, and is accompanied with a downloadable sampler “The New Generation of Prog.” The downloadable sampler includes artists performing on the upcoming edition of the Generation Prog Festival in Nürnberg. Haken and Inside Out Music were kind to provide us with a special edit of the song “Darkest Light,” which appears on the band’s upcoming EP “Restoration”, out on October 27th.

For more info on this, please visit:

Make sure to get Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers, and grab The New Generation of Prog. It’s on you now.

Check out this Live Prog album review for the new Cea Serin!

Marcel Haster of Live Prog just released a great review of the new Cea Serin album.  It’s a lengthy and in-depth review that covers a lot of ground in its near-20-minute span.  And it’s not just a review!  He covers some history of the band and some details about the members.  I’m very pleased with this review because I think that Marcel really gets it.  He brings up certain aspects of the band and understands why they’re there.  He brings up certain decisions that were made and understands why they were implemented.
It’s great to see that some people out there really appreciate and understand what Cea Serin is all about.

So, if you were on the fence about picking up the new disc then take a listen to what Marcel has to say.  He covers all the tracks on the album as well as some cool details about where Cea Serin has come from and where we might be going.

Thanks, Marcel!